Strategies for an Effective Reading Process: Using Memory Enhancement Techniques

Students should test various memorization strategies until they find the ones that work best for their learning style as well as the subject matter. They should be reminded that it takes time and practice to make memorization techniques work. The strategies that follow help students to avoid cramming information. As we know, cramming might work to remember material for 24 hours, but it won't aid with long-term understanding of a subject. Faculty can share the following memory enhancement strategies to help students. As students use memory strategies while and after reading, their reading comprehension can improve significantly.

Strategy 1 icon Strategy 2 icon Strategy 3 icon

Creating a personal memory strategy--selective memorization

Using auditory memory strategies

Using visual and kinesthetic memory strategies

Strategy 4 icon Strategy 5 icon Strategy 6 icon

Creating rhymes, jingles, and songs

Creating a sentence

Creating acronyms and initialisms

Strategy 7 icon Strategy 8 icon

Creating a crossword puzzle

Creating a pathway to memory