Strategy #2: Locating and using graphic organizers

Different kinds of reading and learning tasks call for different kinds of graphic organizers. If you are teaching the history of NASA's moon flights, you'll guide students to a chain of events graph or a timeline. If your students are learning about types of atmospheres on the moon and on Mars, they would complete a classification and division chart or maybe a comparison-contrast chart, depending on the learning goals. If the class is learning why the first 10 Apollo missions did not make it to the moon, students would consider using a fishbone or chain of events type of chart.

Guide your students to graphic organizer websites through internet search engines. At the start of the semester, you'll want to be directive as to what graphic organizers would be appropriate for the reading assignments. Students may at first need guidance as to what graphic organizers would be appropriate for the reading assignments and their learning goals. Please see the following table for examples of various graphic organizers:

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Chart of Graphic Organizers and when to use them Chain of Events Cycle Diagram Spider Map Cluster Diagram Venn Diagram Compare-Contrast Diagram Fishbone Diagram Hierarchal Diagram