Strategy #4: Summarizing annotations for notes

This strategy uses specific annotations to help students write a summary of the reading. Model it early in the semester to help students understand it. They can record them in their reading journals, submit them as reading notes, or post them online throughout the semester. Here are the instructions you can give to your students:

1. Number all the paragraphs in the selection to be read.
2. Put a star next to the thesis, marking it as the central idea of the entire reading or section.
3. Label all Main Ideas (main points) with M, all Sub-points (ideas which directly relate to the main idea) with SP, and all supporting details (ones that explain, illustrate, or otherwise develop by adding support) with S.
4. Take notes and make comments in the margins (or on paper, identifying which paragraph the notes came from).
5. In your own words, transcribe the notes into a cohesive paragraph that summarizes the thesis, the main ideas, and supporting ideas.

Please click the Document icon to download the instructions in Microsoft Word Format.

Document Icon - Instructions for Strategy 4 - Summarizing Annotations for Notes