Here is a scenario of students talking about a long reading assignment:

Student #1: Hey. Did you do this week's reading?

Student #2: I started to, but it was sooo boring. I wasn't getting anything from it, so I stopped.

Student #1: Yeh, me too. Why doesn't he just tell us what he wants us to know in lecture and skip all the long and boring book stuff? That's the way they did it in my high school.

Student #2: Me too. And, I'm always falling asleep when I'm reading.

Student #3: But, there is a lot of stuff on the quizzes and exams I don't remember hearing in class. I wanna pass, so, you know, I thought I'd read the whole thing this time, but when I got done--nope, didn't get much from it. Why can't they give us a textbook that makes sense?

Student #1: I hear you!