Strategy #2: Using pre-reading questions

There are several questions students need to ask themselves before they begin to read any text in depth. Ask your students to preview the reading by looking at the title of the selection, noting the sub-headings, and skimming the first and last paragraphs. Then, ask them to jot down answers to the following questions before they begin reading.

1. What do you already know about this topic?

2. List three things you would be interested in learning about this topic.

3. What do you think is the purpose of this reading?

4. What learning goal(s) can you set for yourself as you read this?

5. Have you already noticed words which you do not recognize? How will you deal with unfamiliar vocabulary? Will you try to understand words in context? Will you look them up in a dictionary or the book's glossary?

Encourage students to sustain this activity throughout the semester by having them acquire a notebook dedicated to the pre-reading questions and answers. This can also be done in online discussion boards or learning blogs.