Strategy #4: Evaluating end-of-chapter reviews

An end-of-chapter review of key ideas and terms, used for self-testing, can help readers solidify their learning and spot comprehension/focus difficulties. Therefore, a review section at the end of a chapter can be a significant comprehension check.

End-of-chapter reviews can serve several functions.

  • They measure comprehension.
  • They alert readers to gaps in learning.
  • They notify readers to reread and/or search for missed key ideas and information.

End-of-chapter reviews can include:

  • self-tests for comprehension of facts, ideas, or concepts
  • application questions, which require students to make connections between occurrences, ideas, or concepts
  • terms and concepts to remember (the most user-friendly lead students back to the page where the term or concept is introduced)

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End of Chapter Review

If your textbooks include end-of-chapter reviews, it is important to show students how to work with them early in the semester so that they may make full use of them.