Strategies for an Effective Reading Process: Selecting Textbooks for Efficient Comprehension

We face many challenges when selecting and using textbooks in our classes. Content is usually of paramount importance. However, we may help students gain the most from
their textbook reading by also considering various layout and design features that can increase reading comprehension. In addition, once a text is selected, many students
might not use the features and pedagogical aides designed into their texts unless we emphasize them.

Faculty can use the following strategies to identify several criteria for selecting textbooks.

Strategy 1 icon Strategy 2 icon
Strategy 3 icon

Utilizing headings and subheadings

Previewing chapter outlines

Examining objective or
review questions

Strategy 4 icon
Strategy 5 icon
Strategy 6 icon

Evaluating end-of-chapter reviews

Connecting online resources to the textbook

Considering sentences

Strategy 7

Considering visuals