Step One: Previewing and Comprehension

  • What is the title/caption?
  • List the objects or people you see in the comic/cartoon.
    • Who or what is involved in the scene?
    • What kind of interaction is taking place?
    • When does it seem to be taking place?
    • Where does it seem to be taking place?

Step Two: Structural Analysis

  • How is the comic/cartoon drawn: Caricature? Realistically? Symbolically?
  • How do the drawings relate to the text?
  • Do word placements and font variations impact meaning?

Step Three: Content Analysis

  • Summarize the message of the comic/cartoon.
  • Why is a comic/cartoon appropriate for this message?

Step Four: Critical Analysis

  • Who created the comic/cartoon, for what purpose, and for what audience?  What bias is shown?
  • What rhetorical strategies are used to persuade (logical argument, emotional argument, ethical appeals)? In what ways are the rhetorical strategies used?  Why?
  • How does this connect to what you have read?