Strategies for an Effective Reading Process: Reading Electronic Texts

If we could characterize today's online readers, it could be said that they are reading for maximum benefit but with minimum effort. Another challenge to reading electronic texts is the cognitive overload that comes with online distraction--tweeting, instant messaging, checking e-mail, or updating Facebook status.

Therefore, to increase students' reading comprehension, it is important that we provide them with strategies that work for electronic texts. These strategies encourage students to be active readers of electronic texts and to use the various tools available in an online environment--not as distraction, but as means to increase their reading comprehension.

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Reading electronic texts rhetorically

Critical reading strategies for websites

Utilizing the F-shaped pattern for reading webpages

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Using online bookmarks and comment features for webpages

Critical reading strategies for blogs

Using online videos

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Using online bookmarks and comment features for Word and PDF documents