Strategy #6: Using online videos

Online videos are easily accessed, engaging, and familiar to our students. This same technology that students use as diversion can help them increase their comprehension of assigned readings. Video sharing sites have become incredibly popular with many of our students. YouTube, Break.com, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and Google Video are good examples. These sites offer both professionally produced videos and user-generated videos, which can be thoughtful, provocative, and educational. Using these in conjunction with our assigned readings connects the printed text with the electronic environment students often prefer.

You can use online videos in several ways:

1. When you assign a reading, provide one or two complementary online videos that connect with the content of the reading. Providing guide questions to help students make the necessary connections is helpful.

2. You can also assign a reading and require students to find compatible online videos. These can be shared in class or posted to an online discussion area.