Strategy #4: Using online bookmarks and comment features for webpages

Annotating a text is an effective strategy for improving reading comprehension. However, when reading digital texts, students obviously can't use a pen or highlighter. They certainly could print out the document, but that's not always practical with webpages. One solution is to use an online bookmarking and commenting service. Students can choose from several free online services such as diigo, google notebook, and webnotes. In addition to annotating the webpages, they can also save, organize, and share them collaboratively.

Once they have selected a service and created an account, students should learn to use the highlighter tool and sticky notes comments. As you can see below, using a program like diigo allows students to annotate in much the same way as on paper. However, asking them to annotate online results in a better organized, readable document that students can use later for exams or projects.

Example of annotations using diigo

The comments written in the sticky-note box will appear as the mouse hovers over the highlighted area.