First tell students to identify appeals to credibility as they read. After they finish reading, they are then ready to use these questions for rhetorical analysis.

We have already highlighted examples of ethos in this passage that comes from an interview with Kathy Kay, anchor for BBC World News America, just after she published Womenomics.

I was sitting on the Capitol steps, waiting to do a live shot for the evening news, and I got this phone call. I knew it was my boss in London and that she was going to say we really want you to do this job, but you have to do it five days a week. I picked it up and my boss, who was a woman, said, "You know what, I don't want to have just a reputation for being family friendly. I actually want to be family friendly. I'm going to go to my bosses and tell them we have to let you do it four days a week." That was a real shift moment for me. Because it was the first time I had made a clear decision about saying no to something I really wanted in order to preserve my work-life balance.