Strategy #6: Reading collaboratively online

A wiki is a collection of webpages that enables efficient online collaboration. Wikis can be easily created, added to, and edited. Wikis are an effective tool for helping students better manage their reading assignments by giving them a shared "space" to express ideas about the readings and even write collaboratively.

For example, set up a wiki with your textbook. Provide weekly questions and activities related to the assigned readings and have students post and respond to one another. Perhaps have them define terms one week and identify main and supporting ideas the next week.

Make sure you set the ground rules early and re-emphasize collaboration etiquette - particularly in an online environment. As you know, online communication can be vastly different from face-to-face communication, and the risk of miscommunication tends to be higher.

You may have a university sponsored wiki. If not, there are many free wiki creation sites including  PBworks and Wikispaces.

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PBworks and Wikispaces preview