Strategy #4: Group teaching of reading assignments

One of the surest ways to know if students have truly learned something is to have them teach their classmates. This strategy, then, allows students to take on the role of a teacher. 

Divide your class into small groups and assign each group a reading. Then, create a schedule. Because many of our students will be novices to teaching, provide specific guidelines to help with their instruction.

Here are some options for teaching:

1. Provide a brief summary of the reading.

2. Provide a visual aid to help exemplify a concept or important idea from the reading.

3. Create a collaborative activity to help the class learn a concept or idea from the reading.

Not only will this exercise help students empathize with just how hard teaching really can be, it encourages a much closer reading of the text, facilitates discussion on the reading to ensure comprehension, and promotes collaborative thinking as students create the teaching tools and activities.