1. Initiator and Clarifier: This student will get the group started by proposing goals based on the pre-reading of the assignment and will also contribute by offering further clarification of points as the reading assignment develops.

2. Information Seeker and Giver: This student will seek and provide research or resources about the reading assignment to offer additional facts and evidence regarding the reading.

3. Opinion Seeker and Giver: This student will seek and provide additional perspectives about the reading assignment to help the group find out what people think or feel about what is discussed in the reading.

4. Note-Taker and Coordinator: Besides contributing to the group discussions, this student will also keep the group on task by taking notes which record ideas, opinions, and suggestions.

In addition to these roles, you could easily assign group members to collaborate on understanding the components of the reading: one student to look for main ideas and supporting details; another to look up, define, and explain difficult or vague vocabulary from the reading, and so on.