Because of the variety of reasons students do not read effectively, these modules cannot address all concerns, but these modules do present strategies that have led to student success. Some may be more appropriate to your teaching style, class size, and subject matter than others. We hope that you will find these modules useful, will share them with colleagues, and will be willing to provide feedback including a sharing of strategies which have worked for you on our blog.
Module1 Module 2
Module 1:
Reading Comprehension, What It Means, Why We Should Care
Module 2:
Understanding Purposes for Reading and the Reading Process
Module 3 Module 4
Module 3:
Utilizing Metacognition
Module 4:
Previewing and Pre-reading
Module 5 Module 6
Module 5:
Distinguishing Main Ideas And Supporting Details
Module 6:
Annotating Texts and Notetaking
Module 7 Module 8
Module 7:
Outlining and Graphic Organizing
Module 8:
Vocabulary Building
Module 9 Module 10
Module 9:
Using Memory Enhancement Techniques
Module 10:
Organizing Student Reading Groups
Module11 Module 12
Module 11:
Reading Rhetorically
Module 12:
Reading Electronic Texts
Module 13 Module 14
Module 13:
Reading Visuals
Module 14:
Selecting Textbooks for Efficient Comprehension