Sometimes we can't help but be frustrated by students who come to class and mumble: That was so confusing; I didn't get it Often students expect us to answer their questions--questions we know could have been answered through the reading assignment. However, many students don't know why they don't understand and, therefore, don't know how to help themselves. Too often we have a tendency to blame students for laziness, bad attitudes, or willfully ignoring the assignment and to rationalize that if it's not my fault students aren't reading well, it's not my problem. The following are some common faculty reactions to the situation:

  • I can't teach these people.
  • I'm not here to teach them how to read.
  • I don't know why they don't read.
  • They should have learned how to read in high school.
  • I don't have time to teach this.
  • They didn't even open their books.
  • They aren't even trying.
  • Every year they read less and less.
  • They spend too much time playing with technology.
  • Back when we were in school, everyone could read.