Learning Objectives

At the end of this module, participants will be able to:

Photo of a dictionary definition. Glossary of Key Terms

Crawler-based search engine – A search tool that creates search results by robots that "crawl" the web for sites.

Critical thinking skills – The active interpretation and evaluation of observations, communications, information and argumentation.

Human-powered directory - A search tool that depends on a human to submit web information to an editor. Editors have control over whether submissions appear within the directory.

Meta-search engine – A search tool that searches through a variety of search tools at the same time and aggregates the results.

Search Engine Optimization - The process of optimizing one's website to get better results in search engines.

Web Literacy – Also referred to as Information Literacy; it is the ability to recognize when Web information is needed, and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use it effectively.

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