Here's How - Validating Information

Photo of a woman with a small laptop. The extensions .org, .com, .net, .co are available to the public, which means anyone can use them.

Many reputable institutions have the extension .org in their domain names, but this can be a little deceiving.

An extreme example is (We are not linking directly to this site due to the odious nature of its content.)

If you conduct a search for Martin Luther King, you will likely produce a set of results that includes a link to Martin Luther King Jr. – A True Historical Examination.

This site usually appears in the top four or five results and states it is designed for students. It even includes flyers for students to download.

Read a bit further and you will see this is a hate site – designed and published by a white-supremist group called 

Stormfront has taken a seemingly innocuous domain name and used it to try and trick students into believing the content is legitimate.

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Since so many schools and medical organizations have the extension ".org" in their Web address, I know I can always trust information that comes from a site that has the extension ".org". True or False?

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