Big Idea - Open Access

Dr. John Willinsky Another trend in online learning is an increase in the number of educators and higher educational institutions who are openly sharing access to their educational content.

This represents a shift away from traditional models of education publication – a model where textbook companies, journals and institutions themselves were in control of who was able to access academic resources.

Stanford Professor of Education, John Willinsky, believes all scholars should make resources freely available and advocates the 'open access principle':

"A commitment to the value and quality of research carries with it a responsibility to extend the circulation of such work as far as possible and ideally to all who are interested in it and all who might profit by it." (Willinsky, 2006, p. xii).

In this section, we will explore open access resources.

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Discussion Question: Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Willinsky's statement regarding the open access principle?

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