Here's How - Guidelines for Communication

Time and energy will go into answering students' questions with respect to grades if you are not clear from the get go of expectations and grading policies before the course begins. Along with providing your institutions' policies and regulations with respect to the handling grades and exams in your course syllabus, Dr. Larry Ragan (2008) suggests the following:

Strategies for Managing Grades

  • Clearly communicate to students the grading policies either in the course syllabus, announcements or in the assignment instruction.
  • Grade assignments in a timely fashion, especially those that build on other assignments.
  • Provide clear guidelines regarding your timeframe for responding to student questions and assignment grading.
  • If you teach at the post-secondary level, be aware that some students may need to submit assignments and exams early to get grades prior to graduation. This may affect some date availability restrictions set on drop boxes or other course components.
  • Keep grades/exams related communications within the course management system space.
  • Effectively manage students' grades by using the gradebook that is part of the course management system.
  • Establish and notify students of accepted formats for submitting assignments.
  • Many course management systems have tools to help manage group assignments. Set up groups after the course drop/add period and when the class roster stabilizes.


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