Big Idea - Student Retention

There is little doubt online courses provide students in K-12 schools and higher education with greater options for completing educational programs. Despite the exponential growth of online courses in education, student retention is an area ofImage of a laptop in front of a traditional college setting. concern.

Historically, the percentage of students who drop out of brick and mortar higher education has held constant at between 40-45% for the past 100 years (Tinto, 1982).

Within the context of online learning, research suggests dropout rates are generally 10-20% higher (Carr, 2000; Diaz, 2002; Frankola, 2001).

The percentage of high school students who drop out of traditional high schools is also high.

According to the most recent study from the IDRA, Texas schools lost 31% of their high school students in 2008. That's one student every four minutes.

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