Final Assessment

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 Question 1

Value: 1
According to the FERPA website, schools may disclose the following pieces of information without consent to the community:

(This assumes that the school has informed parents or students over the age of 18 that they are going to release the information, AND that the school provided a 'reasonable' amount of time for parties to request that the information not be disclosed.)

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Date and Place of Birth
  • Attendance records

 Question 2

Value: 1
Match the items.
The task is to match the lettered items with the correct numbered items. Appearing below is a list of lettered items. Following that is a list of numbered items. Each numbered item is followed by a drop-down. Select the letter in the drop down that best matches the numbered item with the lettered alternatives.
a. Organization working to increase the amount of creative content available to the public.
b. Doctrine that outlines the limited use of copyrighted materials without requiring permission from rights holders.
c. In this realm of publishing, Fair Use is entirely different than Fair Use for educational purposes.
d. Gives the author of an original work exclusive rights for a certain period of time.
e. A series of questions educators should follow to ensure they are not breaking copyright law.
f. Allows you to choose which rights you would like to grant to others regarding your creative works.

 Question 3

Value: 1
Which of the following strategies are helpful for students who have visual disabilities?



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