Here's How - Section 508


Cognitive Disabilities

Online Strategies


Cognitive Overview


  • Keep lengthy interactive processes as simple and brief as possible.
  • Break long interaction into separate pages, while allowing learners to keep track of their progress.
  • Provide simple reminders such as "step 2 of 4" to help learners keep track of what they have already done and what is left to do.
  •  Provide clear instructions at the start of any task.
  • Avoid making extreme changes in how you deliver your course without first warning students. Course navigation should be as predictable as possible, or at least proceeded by warnings and/or explanations as to why any changes might be occurring.
  • Use headings or visual cues to focus the attention of learners. Avoid background noises or images that distract. Use bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Leave white space.
  • Provide information in multiple formats.




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