Here's How - Section 508

The AIM site provides a comprehensive overview and practical strategies for four categories of disabilities.

On the following pages, you will find information regarding each category, along with a summarized list of strategies for use in the online classroom. Check each category overview for more information.

Visual Disabilities

Online Strategies


Visual Overview

  • Limit the amount of times you require learners to use a mouse and try to supply keyboard alternatives (for example, tabbing from link to link).
  • Provide Alt tags for images, photos and graphics. (See sidebar for more information.)
  • If your students are listening to web pages using screen readers, allow them the option of skipping over navigational menus and long lists that might be difficult or tedious to listen to.
  • Make links meaningful within the context of your writing. For example, "Click here" is problematic. 
  • When using tables, consider what it is like for learners to listen to the content of table cells. Provide column and row headers and try to ensure each cell make sense when read row by row from left to right. 
  • Provide text summaries of complex tables and graphs.       
  • Avoid using colors to convey meaning. Try to think of alternative ways to highlight information.



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