Big Idea - Multiple Intelligences

Blooms Taxonomy Building from Piaget's work, in 1956, Benjamin Bloom and a group of educational psychologists developed a classification of levels important in learning. In Bloom's Taxonomy cognitive skills are ordered hierarchically and emphasis is placed on mastering a full array of cognitive skills.

Bloom's Taxonomy provides the basis from which we write learning objectives. Learning objectives form the backbone of any well-designed course, lesson plan or learning activity.  

Take the following RadioJames Tutorial. (Click the Start button in the left box marked for first time users.)  

The 7 minute tutorial provides a practical guide on how to write learning objectives in alignment with the Taxonomy.

The following hand out, Bloom's Taxonomy - Writing Measurable Outcomes, provides a list of measurable outcome verbs (or question cues) targeted to each level of the Taxonomy.


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