From the Field – Multiple Intelligences

Incorporating a variety of instructional strategies to present information, as well as providing a range of ways students can interact with each other and with the curriculum, offers students more opportunities for success.

For a review of each of the multiple intelligences, complete the Self Check match activity below.

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Match the items.
The task is to match the lettered items with the correct numbered items. Appearing below is a list of lettered items. Following that is a list of numbered items. Each numbered item is followed by a drop-down. Select the letter in the drop down that best matches the numbered item with the lettered alternatives.
a. The ability to appreciate rhythm, pitch and timber.
b. Well-developed verbal skills and sensitivity to the sounds.
c. The ability to respond to the moods and motivations of others.
d. The ability to use reason, logic and numbers.
e. The ability to categorize plants, animals and other objects in nature.
f. The ability to self-reflect and be in tune with inner feelings.
g. The ability to think in vivid images to retain information.
h. Expresses oneself through movement.


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Discussion Question: In what ways (if any) might Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences impact the way you teach your online courses?


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