From the Field – Going Global

Photo of children climbing trees 13 year old Diana and her 8 year old brother have been active participants of the Scratch Online Community for over a year. Diana writes,

"What I really like about Scratch is the way it's possible for young kids to create interesting projects, but it's also complex enough that even adults who know many other programming languages still enjoy participating. It reminds me of some trees near our library that are always full of kids -- they have thick branches close to the ground, so that even 2-year-olds can enjoy climbing in them, but it's also interesting enough or older kids to climb. The Scratch Community, like the trees, is always full of groups of people of all ages having fun."

David, a Computer Science Instructor from Harvard writes,

"Although designed for a younger audience, we've deployed Scratch at the undergraduate level in introductory computer science courses at Harvard College, Harvard Summer School, and Harvard Extension School. In our view, Scratch lowers the bar to programming, empowering first-time programmers not only to master programmatic constructs before syntax but also to focus on problems of logic before syntax. At the undergraduate level, we view Scratch as a gateway for students to languages like Java."

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Discussion Question: Were you able to find any global projects that you might be able to use with your students? Do you know of any other websites and/or resources that offer opportunities for global and collaborative projects?



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