Big Idea – Student Assessment

Quality Matters™

Based on national standards of best practice, research literature and instructional design principles, the Quality Matters™ Rubric outlines 8 broad standards central to effective online learning.

With respect to Assessment and Measurement the QM Rubric states that educators should:

QM Assessment Standards

1. Align assessments to learning objectives. (Considered Essential - 3 pts)

2. Clearly state the course grading policy. (Considered Essential - 3 pts)

3. Outline criteria for the evaluation of student work and participation. (Considered Essential - 3 pts)

4. Provide a sequence and variety of assessment instruments appropriate to the content. (Considered Very Important - 2 pts)

5. Provide "self-check" assignments, communicate effectively and provide quality feedback. (Considered Very Important - 2 pts)







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