Final Assessment

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 Question 1

Value: 1
Assessments should be aligned to learning objectives because:

  • A learning objective describes what you intend the student to be able to accomplish once they have completed a course
  • Assessment measures the degree to which a student has accomplished what you want them to learn.
  • Therefore, assessment materials need to be consistent with what you want to measure.

 Question 2

Value: 1
According to the QM Rubric, which of the following is suggested for educators to include in the course grading policy?  

 Question 3

Value: 1
Which of the following is NOT central to why educators should outline criteria for the evaluation of student work and participation?

 Question 4

Value: 1
Providing a sequence and variety of assessment instruments appropriate to the content is important for students because:

 Question 5

Value: 1
Providing "self-check" assignments, communicating effectively and providing quality feedback to students has little to no impact on student learning.



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