Horizontal alignment initiatives provide students and teachers with the opportunity to explore natural relationships and make meaning between multiple subject areas.

Whether you are team teaching with a colleague, creating a collaborative project with another academic department, or incorporating elements of project-based learning, incorporating curricula that includes horizontal alignments can help students make real world connections between school and the workplace.

Similar to the purpose of vertical alignments, the opportunity for flexibility in our schools provides students with a larger range of possibilities in post-secondary institutions and beyond.

The information presented in this module provides a snapshot of initiatives that are taking place in Texas. We invite you to share your thoughts on some of the topics introduced in this module.

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Discussion Question: Do you know of any further resources and/or suggestions to help educators learn more about vertical and horizontal alignments?


 For a review of the concepts, complete the activity below. The Discussion Questions posed in this module are available in the handout section to the right. The final assessment is available following the References.

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