Module Nine: Library Resources

Self-Directed Learning

For highly motivated, self-sufficient students, supplementary self-directed  research skills instruction and help also are available through librarian-prepared online tutorials and subject guides on the library website, or some other online site. When provided on a public site, these materials can support the information literacy needs of lifelong learners as well.

Linked Resources

American Library Association, Association of College and Research Libraries, Instruction Section. (n.d.). PRIMO: Peer-reviewed instructional materials online. Retrieved from aboutacrl/directoryofleadership/sections/is/iswebsite/projpubs/primo
Provides a database of librarian-created resources for online information literacy instruction. Includes general and subject-specific materials.

Bowles-Terry, M., Hensley, M., & Hinchliffe, L. (2010). Best practices for online video tutorials in academic libraries: A study of student preferences and understanding. Communications in Information Literacy, 4, 17-28. Retrieved from
Reports on a study at University of Illinois library and resulting recommendations for library online video tutorials as to pace, length, content, look and feel, use of video vs. text, findability, and student interest.

Farkas, M. (2012). Library success: A best practices wiki: Reference services and information literacy. Retrieved from
A space where libraries and librarians offer their experience, knowledge, and successes with the library community; wiki format with no restrictions on contributions; updated constantly.


Additional Resources

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