Module Nine: Incorporating Academic Resources
Incorporating Academic Resources

This module will give an overview of how to introduce students to academic resources such as the library, on-campus tutoring centers, and online sites. Utilizing these resources will help your students succeed in their academic work, allowing you more time for teaching discipline content and for enrichment activities.


  • Recognize effective library resources to facilitate effective student research and improve information literacy
  • Identify academic resources that promote student success
  • Recognize academic resources that promote student writing enhancement
  • Understand the ways academic educational supplements can be used to enhance courses
  • Understand incorporating academic resources from the K-12 perspective

While student support and academic resources may vary from campus to campus, students can seek out assistance in a variety of ways to help them throughout their academic career. For instance, remember the card catalog? Your students don’t. They instead must know effective online research strategies and develop information literacy skills. Fortunately, most libraries provide instructional services and resources to guide your students along the way. In addition, because every university is unique, it offers various and unique programs that support learning. Academic resources such as tutoring, peer mentoring, and writing instruction are essential to providing students the foundation they need to be successful. Inarguably, academic resources now extend well beyond the traditional model of faculty knowledge and textbook content. The Internet has created current, robust, and engaging resources.

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