Harvard Business for Educators

The Harvard Business for Educators website provides the following resources: Articles Cases Role Play Books & Chapters Online courses Simulations These resources are searchable based on keywords, categories, and discipline. Many of the resources come with teaching notes to help faculty integrate the materials into existing curriculum. Other academic resources, such as the role play and simulation, are extremely useful in engaging students in the academic learning process.

Typically, the resources provided by the Harvard Business Review website are very advanced. Instructors may find it useful to assign the case or video as 'pre-class' reading to assure every student has adequate time to review the materials. In class, or via an online discussion board, the key issues in the case or video can be explored. The cases often provide questions or discussion activities that are great ways to foster class participation, test knowledge, or encourage collaboration among students.

To access the Harvard Business for Educators website, go to http://hbsp.harvard.edu