Module Ten: Example Rubrics
Drafting a specific rubric for various assignments may be difficult if the criteria are ambiguous or if all the guidelines are not included. Check out these resources to help.
Rubric Sites
Assessment and Rubrics
Technology expert, Kathy Schrock has selected a comprehensive list of rubrics for a variety of subject-specific and general areas. Assessment and Rubrics
Assessment Resources: Sample Rubrics
This collection from the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education includes article reviews, case studies, class discussion, class participation, collaboration/teamwork/discussion, critical thinking, debate, lab reports, health care, problems solving/reasoning, etc. Assessment Resources: Sample Rubrics
Authentic Tasks and Rubrics
Dr. Jon Mueller, Professor of Psychology at North Central College, provides examples of rubrics ranging from elementary level to college/university level. Authentic Tasks and Rubrics
Rubric Bank
University of Hawai’i  Manoa has a collection of rubrics.  The collection includes lifelong learning, civic knowledge and engagement, collaboration, Teamwork, participation, critical thinking, integrative learning, etc. Rubric Bank
Rubrics for Assessment
University of Wisconsin–Stout has prepared a collection of rubrics for assessing cooperative learning, research process/ report, PowerPoint/oral presentation, Podcast, webpage/portfolios, multimedia, web page, game/simulations, and other web 2.0 projects.  Rubrics for Assessment
Rubric Examples
Holistic Rubrics Analytic Rubrics
Creative Problem Solving Art Project
Critical Thinking Biology Term Paper
Debate Blog
Inquiry Business Strategy Analysis
Leadership Career Portfolios
Oral Assessment Chemistry Project
Group Participation Collaboration
Physics Assignment  Communication Skills
Memo Assignment Computer Programming
Reflection Paper Critical Thinking
Role Play  EPortfolio (Digital Portfolio)
Scientific Content  Group Participation
Sociology Essay Math (NCTM) Standard
Who Am I? Intermediate Online Discussion Board
Writing Portfolio Role Plays and Interviews
  Scientific Report
  Team Cooperation
  Sociology Essay
  Virtual Simulations and Serious Games
  Who Am I? Intermediate
  Writing Skills Inventory and Scoring Guide
Association of American Colleges and Universities Value Rubrics
"Reprinted with permission from Assessing Outcomes and Improving Achievement: Tips and tools for Using Rubrics, edited by Terrel L. Rhodes. Copyright 2010 by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.”
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