Module Six: Developing Effective Assignments
What advice do you give to new faculty about developing effective assignments and what should they avoid while doing so?
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Active Learning


Critical Reading and

Traditional research paper with dense thoughtful questions that provoke critical reading rather than summary

Critical analysis of inflation and economic variables/indicators

Student or guest-group led discussion

Quantitative Reasoning

Students perform the calculations and demonstrate an understanding of the formulae and attendant theories

Students research the retail price of a variety of durable goods and perishables and then do research on pricing from previous year, current year, etc.  Plotting it would help them analyze variability of rate of inflation

Collaborative research that involves data gathering and processing

Application and

In what ways are the questions and techniques of new knowledge relevant and part of the world?

Students can use rate of inflation to budget debt, expenses, and forecasting expenditures

Students amalgamate vast amounts of information gathered from interviewing willing participants in a study on relevant material and apply their findings toward generating new theories in their discipline

Effective Writing and

Students write an effective research paper that has a strong original idea and expresses its ideas to a broad audience

Students produce writing that helps the general audience make sound personal and collective economic decisions

Students write and help one another in narrating the gist of their interview and research process

Research and
Information Gathering

Instructors build library research and methodologies with an in-library seminar or online library

Students select representative basket of goods across the spectrum.  Students hunt down market data analysis charts from the library and engage in data processing on their own

Students pool together multiple forms of information with one gathering textual sources while another gathers online works and another gathers oral information from experts. By conversing with one another and pooling their resources, they perform interactive research that facilitates greater accessibility

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