Module Four: School-Based Institution
Each school can have its own institutional initiatives to promote student success.  Just as every school has a walk-in nurse’s clinic, universities and colleges have other centers that take care of the students such as a counseling center, writing center, amidst more traditional resources such as a library and a computer center.  Most importantly, a school can have a center that fully focuses on student success called the Student Success Center.
Having such a center on campus ensures the following:
Having such a center on campus ensures the following
  1. Implementing an early alert system that helps the involved faculty and student seek necessary services in a time of high need.
  2. Accumulating a wealth of resources under the guidance of an education expert who responds to student need with multiservice approach.
  3. Using the staff resources to meet with students on a one-on-one basis.
  4. Setting up mandatory advising sessions for students on academic probation.
  5. Helping with students who are English-language learners.
  6. Providing formal tutoring program that matches students with peer experts/mentors.
  7. Launching multi-school broad learning communities as a support network.
  8. Staying involved in major and minor changes on the school campus by catering to the student population and their rising academic needs.
  9. Providing a safe and private way of helping students in a dignified and encouraging manner.
  10. Brainstorming effective new ways of keeping up with the changing map of the academy.
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