Module Eleven: Assessment and Evaluation

To ensure continuous progress of student learning, faculty need to engage in a systematic approach of assessment and timely use of assessment results for self-improvement. With clearly articulated student learning outcomes and methodology, you can develop a meaningful assessment plan that guides the development of your course and effectively tracks the achievements of your students. Just as you assess students to determine their level of understanding and development of skills, so should you assess your course and your pedagogy to determine the effectiveness of your instruction.

  • Understand the methods and strategies to assess the skills and knowledge of students and faculty
  • Create student learning outcomes that effectively identify the goals of instruction
  • Identify types of assessment methods and determine criteria for success
  • Understand the methods of data collection and the ways to analyze and interpret results
  • Identify ways to provide use of results and close the loop of assessment
  • Understand assessment from the K-12 perspective
Determine Student Learning Outcomes
To determine the effectiveness of instruction, regardless of the mode of delivery, this module will focus on methods and strategies to evaluate and assess the skills and knowledge of both faculty and students. First, faculty will develop outcomes for both themselves and their students. Then, after identifying and creating a list of skills, attitudes, dispositions, and knowledge, faculty will determine the criteria for success and the methods to be used to be successful. Keeping these goals in mind will enable faculty to focus on the key components to achieve their goals. With frequent and repeated evaluation of the teaching and learning experience, faculty can choose, develop, and use appropriate pedagogical tools to design an effective course and to facilitate student learning. By assessing the results, faculty can provide continual improvement to both themselves and their students.
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