elcome to Best Practices in Undergraduate Teaching and Learning


Welcome to Best Practices in Undergraduate Teaching and Learning

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has supported the creation of twelve online professional development modules for educators across Texas that are now available 24/7 for full-time and adjunct faculty members to use on demand. The purpose of this project was to create readily available, online professional development opportunities for faculty to learn the most effective strategies and "best practices" for improving both undergraduate teaching and learning in a number of critical areas. This project addresses the need to provide faculty, especially beginning faculty, with on-demand professional development opportunities that address how to best incorporate recent pedagogical theories in teaching and learning into undergraduate general education courses for enhanced learning and increased student engagement, retention, and success.

You do not have to complete the modules in any sequence. Learners have the freedom to access any module and resources in any order. The modules were designed with the busy professional's schedule in mind. You can complete them at your own pace either from home or from your work place. The modules are intended to provide continuing professional development on best practices in undergraduate teaching and learning.

Getting started with Learning Modules
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Module One: Learning Standards Required by the Accreditation Bodies
Module Two: Course Design and Preparing a Syllabus
Module Three: Preparing a Lesson, Unit or Module Within a Course
Module Four: Promoting Successful Academic Behavior
Module Five: Promoting Peer and Self-Assessment in Students and Self-Learning
Module Six: Developing Effective Assignments
Module Seven: Increasing Student Engagement
Module Eight: Incorporating Technology
Module Nine: Incorporating Academic Resources
Module Ten: Rubrics
Module Eleven: Assessment
Module Twelve: Students at Risk